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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Racheal Ray has nothin' on this recipe...

If you like to cook, then you really should be watching America's Test Kitchen on PBS. I find some of the chefs a bit snotty about their food preparation, but it has really good hints and techniques for producing a really good dish. This Skillet Baked Ziti was so easy and so good that it will probably become a once-a-weeker in this house. I followed most of the directions exactly, I even used the right amount of olive oil - *gasp* - but I wanted to make sure the garlic and red pepper flakes didn't burn too quickly. Speaking of garlic, I used a heaping TBSP of pre-minced garlic, instead of the 6 cloves it called for. I do not keep heavy cream in the house and have never used it in a recipe and, don't freak out, but SKIM milk worked just fine (about 1/4 c.). In the end, the only comment from Danny was that there was too much sauce and I totally agreed. I am going to add more pasta next time and leave it uncovered when it is simmering and see how that works. The method is so easy that I am going to try something similar with ground turkey and just leave out all the dairy products. The best part of the meal is that everyone sat at the table and ate...and then ate some more.

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