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Monday, August 25, 2008

I thought it was never going to happen...

Danny and I have been together for 11 years and I have been "allowed" to make fish for dinner ONE time. Granted, it wasn't the best experience (I would not recommend buying tuna steaks at Dominicks), but the whole idea of fish and Danny do not mix and I wasn't about to push my luck. Maybe it is because I am hormonal or maybe it is because I would like to have another protein to cook with, but I finally put my foot down and decided to make Tilapia - the worlds mildest fish - for dinner tonight. I experimented with the kids' dinner - Amelia and I breaded the fish with seasoned corn flake crumbs and pan fried it. Amelia had a sandwich and Leo had "fish sticks" and they each had seconds. I rarely use oil and definitely never pan fry, but with such a healthy and mild fish, I needed to make sure that it was going to get rave reviews. Danny and I had sandwiches with rosemary/garlic roasted potatoes and I am competely stuffed. The best part about the meal was that, as we were finishing up, these lovely words came out of Danny's mouth - "next time we have this..." :))

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