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Monday, August 4, 2008

Mexican Night

Danny was supposed to be at the IMAX tonight, enjoying Dark Knight with my dad, but it was sold out. Instead, he was forced to sit down for Mexican food, my favorite...not his first choice. I was going to switch the dinner plan, but my dr's appointment ran (1 1/2 hours) late and Mexican Style Lasagna it was. I don't think Danny suffered too much. Don't feel too bad for him, I will be eating the leftovers tomorrow when they are at the movie ;)

Notes: I used about a can and a half of the beans and I might have pureed the spinach too much, but I loved the consistency and, if I can't find anything else to make with my leftover baby spinach, I am going to make more of the mixture and freeze it for the next lasagna night. Also - they tell you to put tin foil over it, but it took off all the cheese in the middle when I removed it...I added more and it was fine. Next time, I will tent the foil more so it isn't touching anything.

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