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Monday, August 25, 2008

Shabbat Dinner

We ate dinner by ourselves this past Friday, so I tried to make everything simple so that I would not collapse by the end of the day. I also spent the morning running around with the kids and knew it would be a short day. Noone went to bed hungry...that's for sure.
I love going online for recipes, but I also try looking through my own that I have cut out - or printed out - throughout the years. This recipe for Ghana Meatball Stew is something that I have been making ever since I met Danny. I remember making it when he would come and visit me many years ago ;) I haven't made it for a looong time and the meatballs were a little dry. I am guessing it's because I formed them the night before - I was trying to save time, but I would freeze them next time and not leave them in the fridge. I also skipped the chopped onion, so that might have been the killer. I do have a pan in the freezer and when I pull them out, I am going to cut them in half and, hopefully, they will soak up more sauce as they reheat.

I was in the mood for something cinnamony and this Cinnamon Coffee Cake (cant find the link right now) was perfect. I increased the cinnamon from 1 tsp to 1 tbsp and I loved it, but I think it was too much for Danny. This picture was taken before we started dinner ;)

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