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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shabbat Dinner

I didn't really know out what I was making this week until I closed the crockpot and turned it to HIGH. I had taken out chicken thighs the night before, but that wasn't saying much. I didn't make my weekly trip to Garden Fresh, so what I had in the house was going to have to work. This is what I threw into the crockpot (I think): 3 or so lbs of partially defrosted skinless thighs (so nice to skin them before freezing!), two small onions sliced, pre-minced garlic, finely chopped fresh rosemary, salt and pepper, and one 15 oz. can of diced tomatoes. I cooked it on HIGH for 4 hours and then pulled the chicken off the bone and put it back in the sauce (the only liquid I added was from the tomatoes - crockpots are the creators of liquid). I thought it was a bit salty, so I shredded some carrot into it and added a big piece of carrot to pull out at the end - I thought I heard somewhere that a carrot absorbs some of the salt. I also added some flour to thicken it up a bit and turned it back on HIGH so it would come to a boil. I left it in there for another 40 minutes or so. Served over egg noodles, it was pretty delicious and I have a whole round tin in the freezer for next time.

I am trying to incorporate more vegetables into our meals besides the usual corn and potatoes - even though I could eat them everyday and not complain. I made this very easy squash kugel and it was tasty, but I didn't love the consistency, I am not really sure if it was even fully cooked! I was the only one who ate it and I have two small tins in the freezer to pull out the next time I make a simple chicken or meat.

This is a really easy fruit cobbler from the Cooking Thin cookbook and this was the best version I have made. I used fresh peaches, nectarines and plums and soy milk. I crumbled a little brown sugar with the cinnamon on top and it was oh-so yummy!

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