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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Taco Night Success Story

A regular meal in this house are beef tacos. Well, I actually use ground turkey, but they are just as awesome. They freeze really well, that's if there is anything left after dinner and lunch the next day. The recipe comes from Panache...I guess those Montrealers really know their tacos!
As with any good recipe, you cook the spices for a minute before adding the meat. The recipe calls for garlic, onions, and jalepeno - but even I dont feel like chopping on a weeknight, so they are left out.

I doubled the recipe so we would have some to freeze...

The finished product - I add corn because I love corn in anything that has ground meat in it.

About 10 minutes before Danny pulled up, I thought I would bake some tortilla chips. Corn tortillas, cut into 1/6ths, brushed with oil and sprinkled with fine salt...350F for 10-12 minutes, flipped once. Let's just say that in the middle of dinner, I had to throw in another batch. Next time I am going to try to dip them in Alton Brown's lime/salt mixture before baking and then I may never have to go to Chipotle again.

Danny's beautiful plate of tacos...

Leo, enjoying chips and "taco meat"...

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