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Friday, October 10, 2008

Planning Ahead

As you have seen, I haven't really been cooking so much these past couple of weeks. Partly, due to strict orders, but mostly because I can barely stand up! Luckily, I have lots of pre-cooked meals in the freezer that I was able to choose from and we have continued to eat pretty well. I did get myself in the kitchen today to stock up the freezer for the weeks - and maybe months - to come. Even though I think of myself as somewhat of a freezer-maven anyway, I took this book out of the library called Can I Freeze It? for a little inspiration. This is what I made this afternoon...

Instead of Ghana Meatballs, I browned the meat mixture (2 lbs worth) and put it into two ziplocks to use for pasta sauce.

I cubed and marinated 3 lbs of chicken breasts in a sesame ginger marinade to use for stir fries - three separate bags for three easy dinners.

I made Sesame Oven Baked Chicken with my other 3lbs of chicken breasts.

And, finally, two Dutch Meatloaves...
That concludes the meat portion of this insanity. Next week - Mac n' Cheese and Pizza ;)

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