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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oven Barbecued Hamburgers

I decided to make hamburgers at about 4:00pm. I defrosted the 1 lb bag of ground beef in the microwave while I figured out the rest of dinner. I am not always thrilled with making burgers on the stovetop and since I was only figuring 1 burger per person, I wanted it to be the best burger ever. I looked up recipes for "oven baked burger" and found this one. I roasted carrots - a little olive oil and salt and pepper, 400F for 20 minutes - and made white rice. I will be making this one again real soon.

My modifications:
no milk, one egg instead
dry onions in burger mix, none on top
soy sauce instead of worchestire
I microwaved the sauce for 2 minutes - no time to summer

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