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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chicken w/Lime Sauce

Last week, I was trying to use up my stash of lemons so I made this very simple Chicken w/Lime Sauce from Cooking Light and used lemons instead. It was a tear-out recipe in my files and I wanted to see if it was worth keeping. It couldnt have been easier, but I would double the sauce recipe next time and try the limes, I think it would have a more interesting flavor. For a side dish, I made bulgar - yes, I said bulgar. I was not able to go to the store and I am really trying to eat up this house so I searched my pantry and saw the bulgar. I always have it in "stock" because it is the main component of Danny's favorite summertime salad (see this post), but never thought to have it warm as a side dish. When I looked up recipes, they were all too complicated with too many ingredients, so I just used the cooking method. 2 c. of bulgar simmered in 3 1/2 c. water/chicken stock over a very low heat and tightly covered. I didn't really note the time, but I checked and it was *done*. Fluffy and yummy and very good for you. I have been looking for something other than white rice and Danny does not care for brown rice. Danny loved this, I loved it and Amelia couldn't get enough of it. I froze the leftover bulgar and it reheated beautifully last night for a very quick side dish.

The next night was Shabbat and we were eating alone. I used the leftover chicken to make yummy tacos. The left one is Danny's and mine is one the right. Fat-free refried beans, corn, cilantro, salsa, and avocado were all piled on. Yum :)

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