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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rosa Bubbie’s Cabbage Noodles

The other day, I was telling Danny about the book I was reading for Book Club – Up From Orchard Street – and about it’s main character, Bubbie Manya. The lady cooked for a living and treated everyone in the neighborhood like they were family. Danny always talks about his two Bubbies’ fabulous cooking. Anna Bubbie still makes Danny his favorite blintzes when we come to town and, from what I have heard, he never left Rosa Bubbie’s house hungry. One of Danny’s all time favorites of Rosa Bubbie’s was her cabbage noodles so I decided to make them for Sukkot. I looked up this recipe and they came out just the way Danny remembered them. I didn’t get pictures of the original batch, but here is a shot of my mid-afternoon snack :) Since neither of us love to eat huge pieces of cabbage, I am going to chop it finely next time so it can flavor the dish, but we wont know it is there :)


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