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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chicken in Coconut Milk

It’s been a bit of a crazy time, but we haven’t been starving – just no real exciting dishes and no real time to tell you about them.  This dish, however, is amazing and everyone should make it this week.

I am trying to clean out the pantry to get ready for Passover and came across a can of coconut cream – it was the second time I bought cream, thinking it was milk – and wanted to use it up.  I Googled “Chicken and Coconut Milk” and found a simple recipe, using a cut-up chicken (that I had just bought that day) and other ingredients I had on hand. 

Here is the link: http://online-cookbook.com/goto/cook/rpage/000A16

I did:
- not use lemon rind, just the juice…
- 1 plum tomato, chopped
- 6 TBSP coconut cream, with water to make it 2 cups
- served with white rice (and ended up making Danny more rice for lunch because I couldn’t stop eating the rice with the coconut sauce…still thinking about it)

My only issue with this recipe was that there wasn’t any cooking times given and it was hard cooking the different chicken pieces and getting them all cooked at the same time.  In the end, they were a bit undercooked, so next time I am going to brown them on the stove, roast them in the oven and then finish them off with the sauce.

IMG_3185 IMG_3186 IMG_3195 IMG_3196

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