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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day

The two biggest fans of my kitchen are Danny and my dad.  So, it was only fitting that I spent Father’s Day making their favorites and things I thought they would enjoy.  Since there is a huge mess waiting for me in that same kitchen, I am going to make this quick:

For my dad, I made a batch of whole wheat banana waffles for his freezer and this blueberry/blackberry/peach compote to go on top.  Here’s the link I used:


I used 4 ounces each, blueberries, blackberries and canned peaches and only 2 TBSP of the sugar

IMG_4463 IMG_4465

My dad requested a dip (“like you used to make before you got busy…”), so I decided to make a onion/red pepper relish from Brian Boitano.  I halved the recipe, not realizing that it would cook down to almost nothing.  The good news is that both my dad and Danny enjoyed it and next time I need to double it instead!


I didn’t have mustard seeds so I used powder instead.  The equivalent is supposed to be 1/2 tsp seeds = 1 tsp powder, but I was a little shy with it so I only used 1 1/2 tsp powder for the 1 tsp seeds. 


Danny would have loved the Layered Lebanese Salad that is one of my favorites to make and his favorites to eat, but it is a 24-48 hour make ahead type of dish and I just wasn’t prepared.  Instead, I made this Orzo Salad that could have been wonderful, but it needed twice the dressing and some added salt.  I am going to fix it up a little for his lunch tomorrow.


Instead of zucchini, I used tomato and cucumber.


I had some leftover butter cream frosting in the fridge and really wanted to do something with it for dessert, but was not in the mood to frost an entire cake or fill a million cupcakes and frost them.  I decided to do a chocolate chip cookie cake and used a recipe from Emeril.  I only had a 12 inch pan so I left some out and made myself a small one to munch on.  I left a little wiggle room around the pan because I read to do that in the reviews and I think it worked perfectly.  And, as (almost) always, I used Smart Balance Light.  Mrs. Fields, eat your heart out!


I only used parve chocolate chips and it was good ;)

IMG_4457IMG_4471 IMG_4473 

I also made chicken wings and cucumber salad…very simple, but always hits the spot :)

Happy Father’s Day!

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