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Thursday, October 21, 2010

OPA’S BASHIS–Water Challah

One of my favorite things to do is recreate recipes that Danny loves.  I think I have written about my search for a challah recipe that was up to par and I have found a few egg challah recipes, but I haven’t been able to make a good water challah…until *now*! This isn’t just any water challah, this is a *bashis*, a German *bashis*.  It is unlike anything I have made before, both in size and ingredients and it tastes pretty close to Danny’s favorite thing in the world, Montreal water challah.  My KitchenAid got quite the workout, so much so that I had to split the dough in half and knead it in two parts.  The recipe doesn’t say how *many* loaves, so I had the make an executive decision and made 4 – they were each about 1 lb, 14 oz.  I made 2 on a cookie sheet – those burned a little on the bottom – and two in large foil loaf pans.  Even though they burned, the cookie sheet challah was delicious.  Tomorrow night, I am serving the loaf pan version and hopes it is just as good.

Here is the recipe:

You need to scroll down for the actual recipe, it is a comment on the posted recipe. 

I use bulk yeast and measures 4 packs out to be 9 tsp = 3Tbsp. 
I didn’t have bread flour so I used regular All Purpose.

Follow the directions and put it into a cold oven, then turn the heat to 400F – they were in there for 57 minutes, I just couldn’t take the suspense any longer!

Danny came home from hockey at 12:30am and we had a little midnight snack Smile

Yeast ready to proof…


Watching yeast proof never gets old…


This is what 5 lbs of flour looks like…


Ready to rise for an hour…




It took me 30 minutes to braid these…my hands were killing me!


Had to wait till 11:3opm to see the final product, but well worth the wait.  It’s actually an hour less than my regular challah and SO much crunchier Winking smile


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Unknown said...

This looks sooo yummy. I think I'm gonna try it for this Shabbat.