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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

V.I.T–Vegan in Training

We have always known about the health benefits of eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables and eating less processed foods and refined sugars.  This isn’t anything new, but watching Forks Over Knives definitely made an impact on us and I am glad that it did.  I have always wanted to try more vegetarian meals, I love tofu and tempeh and beans and all that other fun stuff you can find at Whole Foods.  The challenge is getting everyone else to love it as much as I do. 

With the exception of Friday night – we are completely “veggie”.  It’s been a major challenge finding things to make, making sure I have all of the ingredients and then, actually, making a good meal.  The kids have not been fans of all the meals, but they have tried everything and are definitely supportive of getting healthier (and getting bigger muscles).  Their lunches have also changed and they are being troopers with that as well.  I am hoping that in a few months, this new way of eating will just be our regular way of eating.

This is some of what has come out of my kitchen over the last 9 days.  I will post the recipes at some point, right now I am busy with the cooking and cleaning aspect. 

Brown Rice and Chickpea Patties (From http://foodandspice.blogspot.com/)

Quick note: these were yummy freshly baked.  The kids ate them, but didn’t love them.  Probably wont make again.


BBQ Baked Tofu (From Meal-Lean-I-Yumm Cookbook)

Quick Note: I have this a lot of times for lunch, it is easy and filling.  Danny enjoyed it with brown rice, I didn’t give it to the kids. 



Seitan (From the Red Mill package)

Quick Note: This process was super cool.  The seitan was good “as-is”, but when I turned it into stir fry, it was hard to eat.  It left a weird coating on our teeth and I am not sure if it was the sauce or the seitan. 


Whole Grain Pancakes

Quick Note: I took my regular pancake recipe and subbed almost all the white flour with whole wheat flour, oats and flax seed.  They were sweet and the kids ate them up.


Lemon Zucchini Hummus (http://irawvegan.blogspot.com/)

Quick Note: This was good, Danny said it would be good as a topping on falafel rather than a dip.


Spicy Roasted Eggplant (Adapted from Barefoot Contessa)

Quick Note: Still my favorite dip, this on toasted challah is amazing.


Vegetable Stock ((From the Veganopolis Cookbook http://veganopoliscookbook.blogspot.com/)


Vegan Roadhouse Burger (From the Veganopolis Cookbook http://veganopoliscookbook.blogspot.com/)

Quick Note: Also a cool process.  I think mine needed to be a bit wetter and I needed more broth to cook in.  Danny had seconds (woowee!), I liked them a lot and Leo ate his whole burger, dipped in ketchup.  I sent another with him for lunch and he didn’t eat it – probably not great cold.  Will definitely make these again. 


Mushroom Barley Soup (From Spice and Spirit Cookbook)


Beans and Rice (From Spice and Spirit Cookbook)

Quick Note: Served these with brown rice.  Danny and I loved it, the kids ate it.  Beans are a tough one for Leo, but he is getting there. 


My shipment of bulk flour from Amazon :) Cheaper than Whole Foods and no tax or shipping (Amazon Prime…!).  What else can I order?!?


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