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Sunday, June 3, 2012

On Tonight's Menu: Beet Pancakes

So, I havent posted in 6 months...let's move on.

With teaching two nights a week and the kids playing hockey, our weeknight dinners were rushed and not really up to par.  When we were eating meat during the week, it was much easier for me to freeze ahead and just pull something out.  Now that teaching is done with, I am back in the kitchen and am determined to make things that everyone will eat, even if I have to make a few things each night. 

Tonight, the menu was:
Green Salad
Beet Pancakes
Coconut Lime Tofu (from fridge) and brown rice stir fry
Roasted Brocolli
Baby carrots and salad dressing (a Macie exclusive)
Strawberry sorbet and Angel Food cake

The strawberry sorbet is a new favorite.  I made it over Shavuot because I was looking for make ahead recipes that would be yummy on 90F days.  I made it again this week and Amelia can't get enough of it and because she has such a small sweet tooth, I am always looking for desserts to make for her that she will love.

The beet pancakes are from http://www.weelicious.com, which has tons of cute recipes for both kids and parents and they all just look so darn yummy!

The direct link is: http://weelicious.com/2011/06/28/red-beet-pancakes/

The recipe called for roasted beets, but I used my pressure cooker.  It took 25 minutes, instead of the hour or so for roasting. 

After processing the beets, I measured out 3/4 cup and there was still leftover from the 2 medium beets it called for.

The wet ingredients...I didn't use yogurt so I used 1 1/2 c. milk instead of the the 1 1/4 c. 

The batter...

Beet pancakes...! Leo ate 4 and tried his very best to convince Amelia to try one, but she refused.  She had the tofu and rice instead.  Macie had one and took seconds, but then became a bit obsessed with baby carrots and salad dressing and finished her meal off with a salad.  No complaints from this mom! Next time, I will reverse the proportions of whole wheat and white flour, because that's just what I do :)